New file formats

The batch plugin add-on for Fiji now has support to write ImageJ-compatible TIFFs, OME-TIFFs, and Imaris-compatible .ims files.

New PSFs

The Fiji and Micro-Manager 2 plugins now support generation of theroretical PSFs for the re-scan confocal microscope (RCM) and Visitech iSIM. Support for these new PSF types are forthcoming in other platforms.

Microvolution available in NGC

Microvolution is now available in the NVIDIA GPU Cloud as either a Docker or Singularity container. Find out more about NGC.

Meet us at Neuroscience 2018

Microvolution will be Neuroscience 2018. Please contact us to schedule a meeting or live demonstration.

Release of spinning disk PSF

Microvolution is pleased to release a new PSF model for spinning disk microscopy. This functionality is available in the Fiji and µManager 2.0 plugins.

Release of batch and µManager 2.0 plugins

Microvolution is pleased to release its batch plugin add-on for Fiji. This plugin expands upon the simple-to-use standard plugin to allow processing of many large datasets with no added complexity. An entire day's worth of multi-fluorophore, multi-timepoint imaging can be deconvolved with drag and drop simplicity. When combined with the the multi GPU option, the batch plugin will process the input files in parallel for faster completion.

We are also releasing an open beta for the µManager 2.0 plugin. This plugin ties directly into the multi-dimensional acquisition engine, allowing true online deconvolution as acquisition proceeds unhindered. Simply set the deconvolution parameters once and image your sample as usual.

Please contact us if you wish to try out our new functionality.

Presenting at GTC 2017

Microvolution will be speaking at the upcoming GPU Technology Conference. Join us on May 8 at 11 am.

New partnership with

Microvolution has entered into a co-marketing agreement with to provide deconvolution for their Rescanning Confocal Microscopes (RCM). The RCM technology is purely opto-mechanical and produces 170nm resolution as standard with no further processing of the images needed. However, RCM images can be further improved in resolution by using deconvolution. is happy to work together with Microvolution as the deconvolved images are not only generated extremely fast but also have great quality.

Meet us at ASCB 2016

Microvolution will be ASCB 2016. Please contact us to schedule a meeting or live demonstration.

Meet us at Neuroscience 2016

Microvolution will be Neuroscience 2016. Please contact us to schedule a meeting or live demonstration.

Launch of new Mac beta

Microvolution announces the beta launch of the Mac version of its Fiji/ImageJ plugin, supporting Mac OS X 10.11 or greater.

Please contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.