Product Catalog

Microvolution deconvolution technology integrates with multiple microscope acquisition and analysis software packages. With standalone and third party applications, it brings GPU-accelerated deconvolution directly to your workflow. Learn more about the options that best suit your needs below.

Standalone interfaces

Plug-in for ImageJ/Fiji

Our standalone interface with addons for batch, blind deconvolution, and multi-GPU processing.

Plug-in for µManager 2.0

Automatically deconvolve your images in parallel with acquisition.

API for direct integration

Integrate our software directly into your workflow using many popular programming languages.

High performance computing

Special optimizations for server environments to deconvolve your images even faster.



SlideBook software from 3i.


VisiView software from Visitron Systems GmbH.

Drop-in for MetaMorph

MetaMorph software from Molecular Devices.