Plugin for Inscoper I.S.

Inscoper I.S. plugin for Microvolution 3D GPU-accelerated deconvolution

INSCOPER is a software company specialized in control and acquisition solutions for fluorescence microscopy imaging.

Its main solution, Inscoper I.S., is highly versatile and can be used with microscopes of varying levels of complexity, from simple scientific cameras or microscopes with manual stages to advanced systems that involve multiple peripherals or combine multiple microscopy techniques for live cell imaging.

Inscoper I.S. uses exclusive control technology to eliminate software latency when operating the microscope. This ensures consistent image acquisition, triples frame rates, and enhances repeatability, which is crucial for live specimen observations.

Inscoper I.S. supports camera-based microscopes from almost all brands of the market including major ones (see supported device here Output image formats are .tiff, .bigTiff, compatible with Bio-Formats.

Inscoper I.S. seamlessly integrates Microvolution into the imaging workflow for a pleasant user experience.

Please, visit INSCOPER’s website for more information: